Junior Wobblies Camp 2018 – Gimli, Manitoba

Aug 9th-13th

In 2018, the Junior Wobblies will host their sixth annual Summer Camp in Gimli, Manitoba. For those of us in the United States – that’s in Canada! Canadian wobblies from Winnipeg have been a central part of keeping the Junior Wobblies going from the beginning. They’ve always come South of the border; time for US workers to go North.

You will need a passport to cross the border. It can take months to get a new passport approved, so please start now. If you need to apply for a US Passport, click here.


Any families who would like to attend, and for whom finances are a barrier, can contact the organizing committee directly at (our email), in order to request a scholarship. Scholarships will be granted on an individual basis and are dependent on funding and fundraising.
There are funds potentially available to support attendance at the Junior Wobblies Camp by women and women-identified people (with or without children) who are fellow workers and members of the IWW. The  IWW’s Sato Fund supports travel for women and women-identified fellow workers to union events. Eligible fellow workers can apply for Sato Fund scholarships here.

Junior Wobblies – AND Parents/Guardians

If you are a Junior Wobbly coming with a legal guardian (currently all J-Wobs do this), as a Junior Wobbly you don’t have to worry about much beyond participating in the camp activities.
If you are a parent or guardian of a Junior Wobbly coming to camp, we expect you agree to staff 2 shifts/activities a day for the duration of camp. Shifts are 1.5 hours long, so this is an expectation of 3 hours of work a day. Parents and guardians are responsible for kids during mealtimes, before breakfast, and after dinner, excepting potential special after-dinner programs.

Junior Wobblies

Junior Wobblies can register to attend camp HERE. Space is limited, so please complete your pre-registration ASAP.

In order to reserve your spot, you must register, and pay the “pre-registration” by clicking the PayPal button below:

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Fellow Workers in the IWW can apply to be counselors HERE.

What do I need to do to be a Junior Wobblies counselor?

  • Agree to staff 3 shifts/activities a day for the duration of camp. Shifts are 1.5 hours long, so this is an expectation of 4.5 hours of work a day.
  • Be willing to have a ton of fun with the Junior Wobblies & Co.
  • Be a member of the Industrial Workers of the World.

Prior to camp

  • Inform JRWU Committee of what activities you are interested in running at camp. Camp is primarily counselor driven! Assuming your activity is incorporated (most are!), you can run the activity you want to offer. Past examples include…. Arts & Crafts, Political Education, Hiking/Outdoor Education, Talent Show Prep, Water Games, Fishing & Swimming…. You can take a look at a past year’s schedule for a better idea.
  • The lead counselor for each activity is responsible for lesson-planning that activity. Lesson planning means you have 1.5 hours worth of engaging and age-appropriate activities/content for the kids, and a plan for how you will present it. Lead counselors for each shift are responsible for explaining the activity and their vision to co-counselors who will be helping out.
  • Either…
    • Acquire any materials you will need to offer these activities at camp and save receipts for reimbursement. Please remember we like to keep costs low, so check in before making your purchase to make sure it will be within our budget.
    • Get a list of any materials you will need to JRWU Committee members who are doing the shopping for camp. They will buy them and bring them to camp.

During Camp

  • Staff/supervise the shifts for which you are scheduled. Be on time to your shifts and have the necessary materials prepared ahead of time.
  • Behave in an appropriate manner, and model this behavior for the Junior Wobblies.
  • Have a great time with the Junior Wobblies!